Expozine2013ARCMTL-26-of-33The Digital Expozine project arose from a perceived need to help identify and promote best practices in digital publishing for the local small press community in Montreal. Who is publishing e-books, how are they doing it, and how can Expozine help promote this new milieu?

Having organized recurring promotional projects for the small press community since the late 1990s, Arcmtl has had a front row seat watching the changes affecting small publishers as the digital realm has expanded. With over 1500 different small and medium-sized publishers and self-publishing professional authors having taken part in its annual Expozine event alone over the years, the organization has also been able to observe a wide variety of different, evolving approaches used to manage to the changes that occurred in the industry over that time.

The organization also runs a unique and innovative network of vending machines, called Distroboto, in various City of Montreal libraries, cafés and cultural spaces. This project has been distributing miniature books by local authors and publishers since 2001.