Release Date 4/9/2016
Language English
CATEGORY English, Literary

Li Bai has journeyed across the world and perhaps across centuries. When he comes across a bag of money in a downtown parking lot, we also meet the delinquent who lost the bag of money in the first place. The assemblage in Jack Hannan’s first novel are driven by wordsmithery, trickery, and flights of such fancy—for an instant, the signal comes in clearly, and we might all step into this world where anything is possible. Jack Hannan is the author of three books of poetry. In 2011, Some Frames was shortlisted for the QWF A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry. He has worked for many years in the world of books, both as a bookseller and in publishing. He lives with his family in Montreal, where he works for McGill-Queen’s University Press. THE POET IS A RADIO is his first novel.

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